Department Team

Name and Role 
Director, Community Services: Chris Fasciano 
Manager, Community, Culture & Recreation: Amanda Hicks-Whitty 
Manager, Facility Services: Adam Nugent 
Manager, Fleet Services: Scott Donald 
Supervisor, Heritage & Cultural Centre: Erika Baird 
Supervisor, Facilities Maintenance: Gavin Tanner 
Supervisor, Recreation Services: Jon Bell 
Acting Manager, Parks & Forestry: Kyle Brett 
Supervisor, Community Engagement: Laura Campbell 
Acting Supervisor, Facility Operations: Adam Viola 

Programs & Volunteer Engagement: 

Programs: Candice Da Silva

Volunteer Engagement: Dori Wilner

Active Living: Anthony Turoksy 

Booking and Events: Chesney Alexander

Camps & Inclusion Services: Dori Wilner 
Climate Change: Sara Olivieri 
Environmental Stewardship: Kathryn McLellan 

Business Systems: Leora Jakob

Collections & Exhibits: Liza Mallyon 
Marketing, Advertising & Sponsorship: Maria Evans 
Special Events: Angela Webster


Outdoor Education: Cory McNeil