Community Assistance Program (CAP)

The purpose of the Community Assistance Program is to provide fee assistance that is fair, equitable and easy to access for low-income King Township residents. The Community Services department understands the benefits to individuals and families that are derived from recreational opportunities. The department also recognizes that the ability to participate in these opportunities can be difficult, or limited for persons with low-income. The foundation of the program is based on the values of human dignity and respect, health and wellness, social justice and quality of life. Building on these values, the Community Assistance program creates an environment of cooperation and inclusivity to provide and improve recreation opportunities for individuals and families.n


To be eligible for fee assistance individuals or families must:

  1. Submit a completed Community Assistance program Application Form with the previous year’s income tax return (Notice of Assessment) attached for all income sources 
  2. Provide proof of King Township residency by attaching a copy of a property tax bill, utility bill, driver’s license or similar documentation with the applicants address on it.
  3. Reapply annually.

Eligible Requests Per Individual

  • The total subsidy amount available per person is up to a maximum of $300.00 during a 12 month period
  • The applicant pays the remaining balance that is over the maximum subsidy amount of $300.00

Online Application

To apply for CAP complete the form below and email to 

CAP Application Form