Environmental Stewardship

volunteer planting treeThe Environmental Stewardship Division in the Community Services Department works with communities, groups and individuals to promote sustainable living, environmental protection and education throughout the municipality. Staff work to develop community programs and initiatives to increase environmental awareness, engage the community in environmental projects and establish new partnerships.

More about the Township's greening initiatives on King.ca

Burlap Kit Giveaway Days

Get a head start and help protect your trees from LDD this year. Come out to a community event listed below, pick up a free burlap kit from the Township of King table and learn about what you can do to help your trees. Each kit includes burlap, twine, and instructions. 1 kit per household. For more information please contact environmentalstewardship@king.ca or call 905-833-6555. 

burlap kit poster

Please visit the King Community Calendar for additional dates. For more information please contact environmentalstewardship@king.ca or call 905-833-6555.