Preschool, Children and Youth

We provide a safe, developmentally appropriate environment for preschool, children and youth.  Our focus is to engage children of all ages in recreational programming that promotes a fun and educational experience. Fulfilling your child's need to laugh, play and make new friends. All programs are lead by knowledgeable and trained staff.

The Township of King is HIGH FIVE® Accredited

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HIGH FIVE® accreditation is the benchmark for excellence in children's recreation and sport in Canada. As a HIGH FIVE® accredited organization, the Township of King has met the highest standard of excellence in providing sport and recreation programs for children.

By participating in HIGH FIVE® accreditation process the Township has committed to assessing our policies and procedures, training and development, program assessments, and awareness so that our programming helps to nurture and create great experiences for children in recreation. 

Through the Township of King's continuing commitment to deliver the highest quality of recreation and sports programs for children, the municipality has made a commitment to adopt the HIGH FIVE "Desired outcomes for Children in Recreation and Sport" and the HIGH FIVE "Commitment to Children".  

This program is mandatory for any volunteer interested in participating in our Leader in Training Program.

Learn more about HIGH FIVE and the importance of quality children's programs.

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